Issue 2 release IMMINENT!!

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Pepper Jack

Pepper Jack

Mr Shilaeligh, accompanied by Pepper Jack,  has transversed the Land of Giant Midgets to tell us all about the new Issue of Exisles which is IMMINENT and will be on our website for all and sundry next Friday, 19th February, amid MUCH hype…from some pretty important people.

Here’s how it drops:

“Trackers Vatu and Sticks find themselves confronted by a religious assasin, who is under orders to kill their bounty, Doctor Jafek. Meanwhile, mother-to-be barmaid Alexandra is under close scrutiny from government officials for reasons she does not understand.”


Website Revamp Complete

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Our website has been redesigned and is now up and running. It should now be easier to navigate through issues and elimanates any problems we had with certian browsers not loading content properly. If there are any problems please get in touch HERE.

New wiki and website revamp

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We have started a wiki blog which is full of information pertaining to the world of Exisles and can be found HERE.This information can currently still be found on our website under Concepts, but will soon be removed.

After our initial run of the website we are intending to redesign it in an attempt to make it more user friendly and more presentable. This should hopefully be ready for the release of Issue 2, which is well under way at the moment.

“The Tides That Bind Us – Issue 2”

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The second issue of “The Tides That Bind Us” arc is now in production!

Yep! Damn straight! The script is finished and our artist is drawing like a stiff winter breeze.

Wow! That’s pretty fast!” I can hear you all saying. You betcha it is.

Here’s a little sneak preview to keep you from smashing things in excitement…

We want YOUR feedback!

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Feedback on the COMIC BOOK? Feedback on the WEBSITE?
Leave your critique here!
Just click on “Leave a comment” below.


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To compliment our website and blog we’ve decided to add a wordpress blog to our list of sites…the more the merrier!